Best Oil To Season Blackstone Griddle

I recently completed an overall renovation of our backyard in order to make it a nice place to entertain our family and friends. As a surprise for all of my hard work, my spouse purchased me an awesome Blackstone Griddle!

I knew from previously seasoning my camping cast iron dutch oven the importance of seasoning my Blackstone prior to putting it to use. From my experience I can tell you the best oil to season the Blackstone Griddle.

What Is Seasoning?

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If you’ve known anyone with a cast iron skillet, then you know a little work goes into getting the cooking surface just right. The idea of seasoning a griddle like the Blackstone is basically the same as seasoning a cast iron skillet. Purposes of seasoning your griddle include:

  • To create a non-stick surface
  • Formation of a coating that makes surface scratch resistant
  • Makes your meals more flavorful from the layers of oil

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Best Oil To Season Blackstone Griddle

Do you know why barbecuing and griddle cooking is so popular? It’s because the cooking methods are almost foolproof and you aren’t restrained by any stringent cooking norms. 

The same applies for the oil to be used to season your Blackstone Griddle. There isn’t one particular oil that needs to be used. Almost any cooking oil will work. Popular choices include:

  • Flax (Flaxseed) oil
  • Vegetable oil
  • Canola oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil

Which Oil Do I Use?

The oil that I use is flax (flaxseed) oil. The reason is related to the low smoke point of this type of oil. 

Smoke point is when the oil has reached its burning point

The low smoke point matters to me because I do not have to spend as much time between the different layers of seasoning the griddle. This will make more sense as you read on.

How To Season A Blackstone Griddle

The process of seasoning your Blackstone Griddle is actually quite simple. It only requires a little bit of patience.  

7 Easy Steps To Season Your Blackstone Griddle

  1. Make sure your griddle has been thoroughly cleaned
  2. Turn grill burners to max temperature (should take no more than 15 minutes)
  3. Once maximum heat is reached turn off grill to add the first oil layer
  4. Add a thick coat of oil (3 tablespoons should be sufficient) all over the griddle top 
  5. Use a pair of tongs and paper towel that has been folded a few times to spread the oil evenly
  6. Turn the griddle back up to high. The oil will eventually start to smoke (“smoking point”) in 20-30 minutes.
  7. Once the smoke stops, turn off the griddle, let it cool for appx. 10 minutes and repeat steps #2 – #6 about 2 to 3 times. You know your job is done when the griddle plate is a nice, dark brown color.

*  An oil with a lower smoking point like flax oil will begin to smoke faster (*smoking point*). So, it will require less time between seasoning coatings.

Our Final Thoughts On Best Oil To Season Blackstone Griddle

You can now stand back and be proud of the slick, dark, non-stick coating thanks to your seasoning process. As you cook on your Blackstone griddle it will continue to become more and more seasoned. 

Make sure that you clean your griddle after each use. Also, apply a thin coat of oil after cleaning and before you put it away. This keeps the rust away and ensures that your Blackstone is ready to go for your next griddle cooking session!


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