Many people are reluctant to switch up the ingredients of their favorite foods. However, trying something new can lead to a refreshing, tastier way of enjoying your go-to meals.

If you’re looking for a condiment to elevate your tacos, burritos, enchiladas or nachos you should try Mexican table cream. 

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What is Mexican Table Cream? 

Traditionally known as Crema Mexicana or Mexicana Crema, this cream is reminiscent of sour cream. I consider it to be more elevated than sour cream as Mexican table cream has a higher fat content. This makes it much more buttery and rich in flavor.

Most Mexican Crema will have a thick consistency like that of creme fraiche. However, the table cream version has been whipped to a consistency that makes it easier to pour or layer over your desired dish. 

Crema Mexicana table cream by Cacique is one of the best and most popular brands enjoyed by millions of foodies. Cacique’s table cream is made with real California milk and is free of trans fats.

What is Mexican Table Cream Used For?

This cream can be used in a variety of dishes when you want to add more richness and tanginess. Because it’s pourable it is easier to dispense the perfect amount. 

It’s mainly used as a topping in traditional Mexican / Southwestern dishes such as nachos, tacos and enchiladas. You can also use it with any recipe requiring the use of sour or heavy cream. 

Nachos with Mexican Table Cream (Crema Mexicana)

Another great use is to counteract the spiciness of a dish. If you have extra hot chili or enchilada sauce you can add the cream to decrease the heat level. 

I make an awesome meaty, cheese dip that is elevated to perfection once I drizzle a layer of Mexican table cream on top. 

Mexican Table Cream vs Sour Cream

You’ll find that sour cream is more acidic and thicker. Mexican table cream will also have a more neutral and richer taste that will enhance rather than overwhelm your food. 

There is also about a 10% difference in fat content between the two creams – with Mexican table cream having a higher fat content than sour cream. Therefore, if you are strictly watching your calories you might opt for sour cream.

Lastly, sour cream is thicker. The thicker consistency of sour cream can be an issue when adding it to really hot dishes like boiling soups or sauces. 

Sour cream can curdle if you’re not careful when adding it to recipes while cooking. Conversely, Mexican table cream is thinner and less susceptible to curdling.

Mexican Table Cream Substitutes

Although there’s no true substitute, there are a couple of options you can ‘tweak’ to get a taste very close to Mexican table cream. Check them out below:

Plain Yogurt

I’ve actually started using plain yogurt to make a healthier version of alfredo sauce and no one in my family knew the difference! Non-flavored yogurt can also be used as a base to make your own version of table cream/ Crema Mexicana.

Plain yogurt is not sour but instead has a neutral taste. It works as a worthy substitute as it has a similar consistency to Mexican table cream. 

All you have to do is add sourness and saltiness to the plain yogurt and you’re good to go. A little bit of lime and kosher salt will do just the trick.

Creme Fraiche

Creme Fraiche is a French-style cultured cream that is rich and nutty in flavor. It has a rich, creamy and slightly tart taste. Like Mexican table cream (Crema Mexicana) it also does not curdle over high heat.

It’s thicker in consistency but you can add lime juice if you wish to thin it so it’s more similar to table Crema Mexicana. Alternatively, you can leave it as is.

Mexican Table Cream Benefits

  • Creamy rich, alternative to sour cream
  • Decreases the spice level of dishes
  • Easier to pour, ladle over dishes
  • Won’t curdle if placed if used with high heat
  • Kid-friendly flavor profile

Our Final Thoughts

Thanks to the popularity of this product you can purchase it at your local grocery store including Walmart! Now that you know the ends and outs of Mexican table cream (Mexican Crema) we hope that you’ll try it out for yourself.  

Try it out the next time you have your favorite Mexican cuisine. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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