Anolon X vs HexClad Cookware Review | 2024 Comparison Guide

Today, we’re reviewing two cookware collections that have changed the game in terms of nonstick – Anolon X and HexClad. 

We previously profiled a head-to-head comparison of two popular nonstick ceramic cookware brands. While the main benefit of using ceramic cookware is a healthier non-stick alternative to Teflon, you do have to be extra careful when using them and durability is questionable. 

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Anolon X and HexClad use more than just ceramic coating. But instead combine it with durable, hybrid and toxic-free nonstick finishes/ steel overlays. But when comparing Anolon X vs HexClad, which brand is better? No need to search any further, as we have you covered with this comprehensive comparison guide of both brands.

Quick Comparison Table Of AnolonX vs HexClad  

Anolon XHexClad
Material Construction Anodized aluminum with thick, stainless steel base Tri-ply – aluminum core with  stainless steel base and surface
Interior SurfaceUltra-durable, PFOA-free non-toxic, triple coated, sapphire-reinforced 

Steel mesh grids
High-grade non-toxic Japanese coating infused with diamond dust

Laser-etched stainless steel peaks
Temperature Capacity Oven safe to 500° FOven safe to 500° F 
Clean-up Instructions Handwashing recommended but Dishwasher safeDishwasher safe 
Metal Utensil SafeYY
Induction ReadyYY
What We Liked Notable durability

Slightly more budget-friendly
Great heat retention

More product options

The Anolon Brand 

Anolon made a name for themselves in 1986 with the advent of a revolutionary hard-anodized nonstick surface. 

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Their sapphire-reinforced nonstick cookware is triple coated which not only makes it easy to clean but also extends the lifetime 16 times longer than other nonstick brands.

Along with nonstick cookware, they also make great cast iron products such as dutch ovens and braisers. 

Their pots and pans are truly gourmet cookware and will provide you with years of great performance. Anolon is so sure of this promise, that they offer a lifetime warranty on their cookware.

What is Anolon X Made Of

The Anolon X collection was introduced in 2021. This collection maintains the durable, sapphire, toxic-free nonstick finish that Anolon innovated. 

Anolon X SearTech Aluminum Nonstick Casserole Pan with Lid, 4-Quart, Super Dark Gray

However, Anolon X is an upgrade that introduces SearTech (™). This is a unique technology that’s actually a stainless steel mesh overlay. 

The mesh works to keep oil in the middle of the pan for superior heating and browning. This technology is what makes Anolon X “hybrid” cookware – as it has the heat retention of aluminum with the searing capability of cast iron. 

Below is a list of all Anolon X product types:

  • Cookware sets
  • Frying Pans
  • Saucepans
  • Sauciers
  • Saute Pans
  • Woks 

The HexClad Brand 

HexClad Nonstick 3 Quart Hybrid Pot Saucepan with Glass Lid - Easy to Clean, Dishwasher & Oven Safe - Ideal for Making Sauces, Reheating Soups, Stocks, and Cooking Grains

In our comparison of Anolon X vs HexClad it was important to review the background history of each brand. Through our research, HexClad Cookware was founded in 2015 by Daniel Winer and Cole Mecray. 

The products were officially launched the following year – in 2016. Here is the company’s overview per HexClad’s LinkedIn profile:

“We set out to create an extremely durable pan that does it all. Our patented HexClad design is built with the highest quality materials and designed to last a lifetime.”

HexClad clearly wanted to be a disruptor in a cookware industry they felt was stagnant. Their company website shows an impressive cinema-worthy video featuring celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay endorsing HexClad cookware!

The patented hybrid cookware promises to combine the cooking capabilities of cast iron, stainless steel and non-stick in one set of cookware – but how?

For starters, HexClad cookware has a tri-ply construction. It has an aluminum core sandwiched between layers of stainless steel. The magic of HexClad comes next.

Laser-etching is used to add a stainless steel hexagon design to the interior to bolster searing capabilities. In between those hexagons are non-stick valleys made of a Japanese coating infused with diamond dust. 

HexClad Hybrid Nonstick 14-Inch Frying Pan with Tempered Glass Lid, Dishwasher and Oven Safe, Induction Ready, Compatible with All Cooktops

Along with nonstick cookware, they also offer knives and a growing cast of kitchen accessories – including mixing bowls, cutting boards and more.

Does HexClad Have Toxic Chemicals?

We are happy to let you know that the nonstick coating of HexClad cookware is non-toxic. The coating is ceramic and PFOA and PFAS-free with a stainless steel hexagon overlay.

Below is a list of the Best Selling HexClad cookware products:

HexClad Top Sellers Key Details
12PC HexClad Hybrid Cookware Set w/ LidsFull collection of most popular piecesTake A Look
6PC HexClad Hybrid Cookware Set w/ LidsGreat starter set with 3 most popular pan sizesTake A Look 
6PC HexClad Hybrid Pot Set w/ LidsA perfect trio of pots to fit all cooking tasksTake A Look
Hybrid Deep Saute Pan/Chicken Fryer w/ Lid7QT pan with large surface area and tall straight sidesTake A Look
6PC Japanese Damascus Steel Knife Set Essential 6-piece knife set forged from 67 layers of Japanese Damascus steel (60 Rockwell rating)Take A Look
12” HexClad Hybrid PanAccommodates 2 steaks or 4 salmon filetsTake A Look 

Check out our full review of the 12″ HexClad Griddle Pan

Anolon X vs HexClad Features To Consider 

Both cookware collections have features that are integral to how they function. These important features are the ones you should consider when comparing HexClad vs Anolon cookware.  

Temperature Capacity 

All cookware materials have a temperature limit. Anolon X cookware has triple-coated nonstick and HexClad has a high-grade Japanese nonstick. 

Both brands use high-quality nonstick coating to withstand high temperatures. However, the coating can break down if the temperature capacity is exceeded. The temperature limit of HexClad and Anolon X is the exact same at  500° F. 

HexClad goes further to advise consumers to use proper heat levels when using their cookware. When cooking on a stovetop, they recommend cooking at lower temperatures and increasing the heat as needed. 

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Material Construction 

Both Anolon X and HexClad cookware sets have aluminum bodies and magnetic, stainless steel bases. So, if we compare Anolon X vs HexClad in terms of induction capability – they both can be used on induction cooktops thanks to the stainless bottoms.

However, it should be noted that HexClad cookware also has a 3rd stainless steel surface – so the aluminum core is surrounded by stainless steel. HexClad goes on to provide a high-quality, non-toxic coating consisting of “valleys”. 

Finally, a stainless steel hexagon design is laser-etched on the interior surface that serves as “peaks” – in conjunction with the non-stick valleys. This gives you the perfect blend of non-stick and great searing capabilities of stainless steel.

Conversely, AnolonX cookware only has one layer of stainless steel. It does, however, have a steel mesh grid in the interior which provides for better searing and makes the cookware metal utensil safe. 

These factors considered, we would rank the material construction of HexClad above AnolonX.

Handle Design 

The design of cookware handles is important because it determines the ease of handling the pots and pans as well as heat absorption. 

It is important to have longer handles that are designed to absorb more heat. This prevents you from accidentally burning your hand as you handle the cookware. For handle length of HexClad vs Anolon X we were pleased with both brands.

HexClad’s handles also feature stay-cool technology to prevent the handles from getting too hot while cooking. Both brands also offer ergonomically designed handles ensuring comfortability during use. 

For quality cookware that lasts it’s imperative to have double-riveted handles. This way they are securely mounting and not just hanging on by one screw. 

Again, both HexClad and Anolon X cookware indeed have double-riveted handles. However, the rivets of Anolon X cookware are flush inside the interior. 

Anolon X SearTech Aluminum Nonstick Cookware Frying Pan Set, 2-Piece, Super Dark Gray

This thoughtful detail leads to easier clean-up and you don’t have to worry about your spoon clanking against the inside rivet as you stir. Conversely, HexClad’s rivets protrude in the interior.

These factors considered, we would rank the handle design of Anolon X over HexClad.                   

Lid Design 

Another important feature we would like to compare between HexClad and AnolonX cookware is lid design. The main feature to consider in lid design is a composition of tempered glass. 

You want a glass lid to be able to see what’s cooking without having to lift the lid. But, construction using tempered glass has an important safety purpose. 

Tempered glass is nearly four times stronger than ordinary glass. Also, if tempered glass breaks, the result will be small, less harmful pieces – as opposed to sharp, shank-like pieces of glass. Ouch! 

This is a must-have, considering there’s always a possibility of dropping your lids on the floor. With these types of lids, you don’t have to worry about breaking them. 

The lids of both HexClad and Anolon X indeed have tempered glass construction. The handles of both sets are also double-riveted and do not get overly hot while cooking.

A notable difference between Anolon X and HexClad lids was the lack of a steam vent from the Anolon X cookware lids. A steam vent may not be something you necessarily need while frying or searing. 

However, for meals requiring simmering or boiling, the steam vent allows moisture to effectively escape the pot and prevents the lid from becoming too cloudy to see the contents inside.

The steam vent also stops that annoying lid rattling that occurs when steam is attempting to escape from a pot with a non-vented lid. Of course, you can always just prop a lid open that does not have a steam vent.

Due to the inclusion of a steam vent, we would have to give HexClad lids the win over Anolon X.

Temperature CapacityTie between both brands
Material ConstructionHexClad
Handle DesignAnolon X
HexClad vs Anolon X Features Head-to-Head Summary

Major  Differences  Between  Anolon X vs  HexClad

When we compare HexClad against Anolon X, we want to extract the differences between the two sets. There are a few differences between the two. Some of which, we’ve previously noted. Let’s revisit the differences below: 

  • HexClad has about 15 pots and pans along with over 10 accessories – including knives. Anolon X only has approximately 10 pots and pans products.  
  • Only the Anolon X cookware had flush double-rivets in the pot interior. HexClad had double-rivets but they protrude on the inside.
  • Only HexClad lids included steam vent holes to allow excess moisture to escape the pan. Anolon’s lids were non-vented. 
  • HexClad cookware had 3-ply material construction (1 x aluminum core, 2 x stainless steel layers. AnolonX only has the aluminum body and one stainless steel base.
  • AnolonX was overall slightly more budget friendly than HexClad. When comparing their most similar products head to head – HexClad on average was about 10 – 15% higher in cost than Anolon X.  


Both HexClad and AnolonX offer superior quality. They are trailblazers in the field of hybrid cookware.

Each has proven that you can get the best of both worlds – in terms of combining toxic-free nonstick with the same cooking capabilities we know and love from using stainless steel and cast iron. 

We have determined that HexClad is the winner vs AnolonX in our comparison. This is mainly due to their highly innovative, scientific approach  towards re-inventing traditional cookware. 

However, AnolonX is slightly more budget-friendly and doesn’t lag too far behind HexClad in terms of hybrid cookware innovation and quality. 

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  1. Our Hexclad bottom is slightly convex so oil pools in a ring around the inside close to the edge. We didn’t notice it until we saw the Analon ads. We wanted to get a replacement under warranty and were told their warranty didn’t cover warping as it was caused by overheating. We bought it at Costco so we’ll take it back there and buy Analon X

    • Thank you for the comment 🙂 Warping can definitely occur from overheating. Be sure to start on medium-low heat then steadily increase as needed since rapid heating is usually the culprit. Also, be sure to never use HIGH heat with any type of nonstick pan. The Anolon X cookware is great as well and I think you’ll be happy with it.

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