I’m not one of those people who believes that every non stick pan is the “boogey man”. However, most nonstick pans on the market today, including those made by the company Carote, are PFOS/PFOA free.

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We were intrigued by Carote Cookware as its nonstick properties are derived from a granite material. After trying out their cookware I must say that their pots and pans work great for their intended purpose. 

Check out our Carote Cookware Review to find out if you agree with us that this nonstick cookware deserves a place in your kitchen.

Our Review of Carote Granite Nonstick Cookware 

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In reviewing Carote Cookware, we wanted to give a detailed overview of the most important features to consider when purchasing pots or pans.

Temperature Capacity

All cookware has a maximum temperature capacity. Temperature capacity in terms of cookware is referencing maximum oven-safe temperature. Carote cookware’s oven temperature limit is 350° F and the stovetop temperature limit is 482° F. 

Like all nonstick cookware, Carote cookware should not be used for high temperature cooking as this leads to a breakdown of the nonstick coating. It can perfectly handle low, medium and medium-high heat stovetop cooking.

Can Carote Pans Go in the Oven?

It’s important to note that the standard line of Carote cookware with fixed handles. should not be used in the oven because of the material construction of the handles. 

The great news is that there is a line of Carote removable handle cookware that is oven-safe. Just remove the detachable handles and they are safe for oven temps up to 480F.

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Material Construction 

Material construction refers to the particular materials used in manufacturing the cookware. Carote pots and pans are made from 100% recycled aluminum. Aluminum is commonly used in the manufacturing of cookware because of efficient heating and affordability. 

When aluminum is used in cookware construction, it’s coated with another material to avoid harmful metals making their way into your foods. Carote uses a non-stick granite material as the coating for their cookware. Because the granite material used is definitely unique, we’ll provide a further breakdown.

Nonstick Granite Coating

The nonstick material used to coat the cookware is 5 layers of Swiss ILAG granite which is described as ultra-nonstick. This particular coating is formulated for high home use, ceramic reinforced and scratch-resistant. More importantly, it’s cadmium-free, lead free and PFOS/PFOA free. 

Due to the coating providing such a high-level of nonstick, you’ll need a smaller amount of oil when cooking. Also, the nonstick surface is extremely easy to clean as food residue easily wipes away with very little effort.

Stainless Steel Base

The final material construction component we’ll discuss is the stainless steel base. We previously noted the aluminum construction, however, aluminum on its own is not a magnetic material and isn’t very durable.

The addition of a stainless steel base shows that the Carote company is keeping all consumers in mind. Since stainless steel is magnetic, this makes the cookware compatible for induction and all other cooktops.

Overall Design & Components

Our Carote cookware review continues by breaking down the components that make up the overall design of the brand’s pots and pans. Let’s take a look at the body, lids and handles that make up this granite cookware.

Cookware Body

You may have seen other types of cookware with more of a bell-shape. However, one of the first things I noticed about Carote pots and pans was the extended bottom design. This design is better because it allows the cookware to heat up more evenly as more of the surface area can make contact with your stovetop. This is especially important for induction-cooking.

The interior design of the cookware is perfectly smooth without any screws or rivets jutting out. This design makes the pots and pans easier to clean. It also lessens the possibility of the accumulation of food remnants around inside screws or rivets.

The pots and frying pans each have fairly high sides respectively. For instance, take a look at the sides of their top selling item – The Carote nonstick frying pan. The sides are high enough that the skillet can be used as a saute pan or a pan for small pasta dishes. 

Additionally, the sides aren’t so high that they’d prohibit the use as an egg or omelet pan. In fact, this frying pan has become my go-to pan for making a quick egg over easy.

Handle Design

The handles of Carote cookware is composed of a material known as Bakelite. This is a synthetic plastic commonly used in cookware handles because of its heat-resistance and non-flammability.

We found that longer handles of the frying pans and saucepan protected hands adequately from the heat of the pan. The larger pots/casseroles have shorter handles, so you’ll still need to be sure to use oven mitts or a pot holder when handling a hot pot.

We really liked the ergonomic design of the handles. They have a slight curve that fits the hand quite well. This is a great feature for someone with arthritis or weak hands.

Lid Design

Carote cookware has glass lids with a steam vent. The vent is a good feature to have as you won’t have to set the lid slightly ajar to keep your pot from steaming up.

The lid has a looped bakelite handle for easy, secure lifting. I prefer this looped handle over a knob type handle because it allows you to have a better grip, thereby avoiding accidentally dropping the glass lid.

The Best Feature of Carote Pots and Pans:

The best thing about the Carote Cookware is the nonstick granite coating. It has proved to be an effective, PFOS/PFOA free coating that allows effortless cooking of even the most notorious foods (like eggs) known for sticking to your cookware.  

CAROTE White Nonstick Frying Pan Skillet, 8" Non Stick Granite Fry Pan with Glass Lid, Egg Pan Omelet Pans, Stone Cookware Chef's Pan, PFOA Free (White Granite, 8-Inch)

Again, because the nonstick material works so well, less oil is needed when cooking your foods. Also, a little water goes a long way with these pots and pans because they clean-up easily with minimal effort.

Any Negatives?

Even though I really like these pots and pans, our Carote cookware review wouldn’t be complete without listing the things we didn’t like.

For starters, the classic Carote pots and pans are not oven-safe. So, if you need to conduct any baking or oven-roasting you’ll have to seek another alternative such as cast iron or stainless steel cookware. You could also elect to purchase Carote’s removable handle cookware which is oven safe up to 480° F once the handles are removed.

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Secondly, the cookware is not safe for the dishwasher. The high heat of a dishwasher combined with dishwasher detergents can cause the nonstick coating to deteriorate over time. To avoid this, Carote recommends that the pots and pans be hand washed. The good news is that they clean-up easily and quickly without requiring a lot of elbow grease.

We also noticed that the pans had a tendency to scratch after only a few uses. This was even when using recommended silicone utensils. I switched over to using wooden utensils and didn’t have any issues with scratching, so I’d recommend wooden spoons and spatulas.

Summarizing Our Carote Cookware Review

There were a few key features that made Carote cookware really stand out from other competitors. The ultra nonstick properties of the PFOS/PFOA free coating keeps your food from sticking and also makes clean-up easier. 

Also, the aluminum construction with stainless steel base ensures the cookware has great heat retention while cooking on any stovetop – including induction. If your goal is to purchase budget-friendly nonstick cookware then Carote pots and pans are a great choice. 

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