GreenPan vs GreenLife Cookware: 2024 Comparison Guide

Many people make the choice of staying away from using non-stick cookware because of the health risks associated with Teflon coating. But did you know there are ceramic non-stick coating options considerably more healthy than Teflon? 

We’ve reviewed two of the most trusted brands of ceramic nonstick cookware; GreenLife and GreenPan. But when considering GreenPan vs GreenLife, which brand is better? No worries, as we have you covered with this comprehensive comparison guide of both brands.

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Quick Comparison Table Of GreenPan vs GreenLife Ceramic Cookware Offerings  

GreenPan GreenLife 
Parent CompanyThe Cookware CompanyThe Cookware Company
Nonstick TypeThermolon, Thermolon Diamond Advanced and Infinite8 coatingsThermolon and Thermolon Diamond Advanced coatings
Number of CollectionsOver 20 collections8 collections
Temperature Capacity Oven safe up to 350° F
*Certain collections up to 600° F
Oven safe up to 350° F
*Only one collection up to 600° F
Material Construction Heavy-duty Aluminum, Hard-anodized aluminum, Stainless Steel Recycled Aluminum, Hard Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel  
Clean-up Instructions Handwashing recommended but Dishwasher safeDishwasher safe 
What We Liked Premium and higher quality optionsBudget-friendly 

Are GreenLife and GreenPan The Same Company?

At first glance, it’s easy to think that GreenLife and GreenPan are just two different cookware collections within the same company. The answer actually lies in the conglomerate corporation The Cooking Company which actually owns both of these brands. 

In short, GreenLife and GreenPan are two separate cookware brands that are both owned by houseware product global leader The Cooking Company.

The GreenPan Brand 

Two innovative childhood friends Wim De Vairman and Jan Helskens are responsible for the GreenPan brand. They wanted to introduce the world to a PFAS-free (Teflon-free) nonstick pan option and successfully introduced the world to a healthy ceramic non stick pan in 2007.

GreenPan Valencia Pro Hard Anodized Healthy Ceramic Nonstick 10" and 12" Frying Pan Skillet Set, PFAS-Free, Induction, Dishwasher Safe, Oven Safe, Gray

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This ceramic nonstick used in GreenPan is termed as Thermolon™ and is the first nonstick option that does not contain Teflon, lead, cadmium or plastic. The ceramic coating heats more evenly and effectively than other nonstick options so your pan will get hot enough to sear even when using low – medium heat. 

In an effort to provide cookware to every type of consumer, the GreenPan brand has a plethora of different cookware collections. It’s actually an overwhelming amount of options! Again, we have you covered as we’ve painstakingly compiled only their best selling collections for you in the below chart:

Below is a list of the best selling cookware collections under the GreenPan brand: 

GreenPan Collection / TaglineKey Details
Valencia Pro
GreenPan’s bestselling set, Broiler Safe, Induction Ready⇒ View On Amazon ⇐
Venice Pro
“Cook in Style”
Stay-stainless finish, Another top seller, Induction Ready⇒ View On Amazon ⇐
Venice Pro Noir
“Designed for More”
3-ply stainless steel bodies, Matte black stainless steel handles⇒ View On Amazon ⇐
“Cook in Color”
Variety of color options, Gold-tone handles, Induction Ready⇒ View On Amazon ⇐
Flawless Function”
Hard anodized aluminum, Pouring rims for easy food transfers⇒ View On Amazon ⇐
“Room To Create”
40% more cooking room than other sets, Textured SearSmart™ surface⇒ View On Amazon ⇐
Color Your Kitchen
Quick-heating, heavy duty aluminum, Variety of colors, Stay-Cool handles⇒ View On Amazon ⇐
Paris Pro
“Learn French”
Tough metal lids, Extra tough hard anodized bodies⇒ View On Amazon ⇐
Best-selling GreenPan Cookware Collections

The GreenLife Brand 

In our head-to-head comparison of GreenPan and GreenLife it was important to review the background history of each brand. Within our research of  GreenLife it became clear to us that the parent company (The Cooking Company) of both brands likely began the GreenLife brand as a more cost effective sister brand to GreenPan.

GreenLife Classic Pro Healthy Ceramic Nonstick, Cookware Pots and Pans Set, 12 Piece, Dark Gray

Both websites are strikingly similar, however, we were not able to locate any substantive history about the GreenLife brand. Instead the focus is on the mission of GreenLife which is “to bring healthy cooking within everyone’s reach”.

GreenLife also uses healthy ceramic using the same proprietary nonstick as GreenPan known as Thermolon™. All of their pans are also manufactured using only recycled aluminum as a way of showing their dedication towards environmental consciousness. 

Below is a list of all cookware collections under the GreenLife brand: 

GreenLife Collection Key Details
Soft GripGreenLife’s signature set, Ergonomic, stay-cool handles⇒ View On Amazon ⇐
Soft Grip ProCeramic nonstick reinforced with diamonds, Snag-free interior⇒ View On Amazon ⇐
ArtisanStainless steel handles, Oven safe to 600℉⇒ View On Amazon ⇐
SandstonePowerful Sandstone ceramic coating, Durable glass lids⇒ View On Amazon ⇐
InductionInduction-ready base, Quick heating aluminum⇒ View On Amazon ⇐
Stainless Pro3-ply stainless steel, Suitable for all stovetops⇒ View On Amazon ⇐
Classic ProHard anodized aluminum bodies, Oven safe to 600℉⇒ View On Amazon ⇐
MinisSingle-serve mini grill and frypan, Stay cool handle⇒ View On Amazon ⇐
GreenLife Cookware Collections

GreenPan vs Greenlife Cookware Features To Consider 

Both cookware sets have certain features that are very important to how they function. These important features are the ones you have to look out for to make the correct choice:  

Temperature Capacity 

Every kind of cookware has a temperature capacity. Both GreenPan and GreenLife cookware sets are well coated with ceramic to withstand high temperatures but they can break down if their capacity is exceeded. 

The temperature limit of the bestselling GreenPan cookware sets (with the exception of the Rio collection) is  600° F (lids up to 425° F). Conversely, only 3 of the GreenLife cookware sets (Artisan, Stainless Pro and Classic Pro) have a temperature limit of  600° F (lids up to 425° F). The remaining GreenLife cookware sets are only oven safe up to 350° F.

Material Construction 

Both GreenPan and GreenLife offer sets that are made of aluminum. However, it should be noted that the Classic Pro collection is the only GreenLife set that is actually hard-anodized aluminum. Aluminum that is hard anodized goes through a process that makes the cookware stronger and more scratch-resistant.

GreenPan, on the other hand, has several collections that have hard-anodized aluminum bodies. These collections include their bestseller Valencia Pro, Searsmart, Chatham and Paris Pro.

Both GreenPan and GreenLife also offer sets that have stainless steel bodies while still retaining the ceramic nonstick coating. This provides the classic look and durability of stainless steel while keeping the healthy quality of a non-toxic, PFAS free coating. As you can see below, the GreenPan brand has more stainless steel options to choose from.

GreenPan vs GreenLife Stainless Steel Options

Venice ProStainless Pro
Chatham Stainless
Five Two by GreenPan
Treviso Stainless Steel
Levels Stainless Steel

Handle Design 

The handle design is important because it determines the ease of carrying the cookware as well as heat absorption.  It is important to have longer handles  designed to absorb more to prevent burning your hand as you handle the cookware. For handle lengths of GreenPan and GreenLife cookware we were pleased with both brands.

When considering handle design it’s best to have double-riveted handles that ensure a secure mount. Only the Stainless Pro and Classic Pro collections from GreenLife had double-riveted handles. 

Conversely, the Rio collection was the only bestselling set from GreenPan that did not have double-riveted handles. For this reason, I would go with GreenPan as the winner on handle design.

It should be noted that both brands did offer ergonomically designed handles to let them fit comfortably in your hand, delivering excellent ease of use.   

Lid Design 

Another important feature of cookware that requires great quality is the lid. The lids of all of our listed best selling GreenPan collections are made of tempered, shatter-resistant glass. Tempered glass is nearly four times stronger than ordinary glass.

GreenPan Valencia Pro Hard Anodized Healthy Ceramic Nonstick 11 Piece Cookware Pots and Pans Set, PFAS-Free, Induction, Dishwasher Safe, Oven Safe, Gray

Having tempered glass lids are great features, considering there’s always a possibility of dropping them on the floor. With these types of lids, you don’t have to worry about breaking them. 

Whereas the GreenPan brand specifically states their lids are tempered, the GreenLife brand just stated that their lids are durable glass. Therefore, we could not determine whether they were tempered or not.

Major  Differences  Between  GreenPan  vs  GreenLife  Cookware 

When we compare GreenPan against GreenLife Pots and Pans, it means there are some differences between the two sets. There are quite a few differences between the two as you would expect, but we will examine only the major differences below: 

  • GreenPan has over 20 different cookware collections. GreenLife only has 8 cookware collections.  
  • Only GreenPan has a cookware option that includes lids that are oven safe up to 600℉. This GreenPan collection is the GP5 which the brand states is the integration of 15 years of innovation. None of the GreenLife offerings were oven safe above 425℉. 
  • GreenLife cookware overall is more budget friendly than GreenPan. Although GreenPan does have a few less pricier options they are a more premium alternative. The lower price of GreenLife cookware  doesn’t mean it has poor quality, the price only makes it a budget option.  

Our Final Thoughts: GreenPan vs GreenLife Head to Head Comparison 

Both the GreenPan and GreenLife ceramic cookware sets offer great quality and a healthier, non-toxic alternative to traditional nonstick but there’s a clear winner between them. In terms of quality and value, we would choose GreenPan. 

The average price of GreenPan cookware is higher than GreenLife. However, GreenPan does offer a comparable set in their GreenPan Rio collection that is similarly priced to the GreenLife brand.

What’s Our Pick?

Overall, GreenPan appears to be the cookware brand that can offer better quality, more options and will be longer-lasting.

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