How To Use A Fondue Pot

Most people know fondue pots as a fun way of melting cheese or chocolate for dipping. But did you know the specialized pot is also used in cooking seafood or meat?  Fondue pots were extremely popular in the 70’s but now that we are socializing more in smaller groups, this fun communal cooking activity is becoming popular again worldwide.  This article will help you learn more about how to use a fondue pot. 

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What is a Fondue Pot Used For? 

Besides melting cheese or chocolate, fondue pot is also used in preparing other meals. We have listed here some other uses of the fondue pot.  

Keep Appetizers Warm 

If you need to warm the appetizers for your guests and all the cooking equipment were occupied, use the fondue pot. You can also warm small bites and other sauces and dips on it.  

Keep Your Home Smelling Good 

You can use your fondue pot to make the home smell fresh. To do this, pour water in the fondue pot and add essential oils like lavender, lemon, or other calming scents. Set it at low heat. As it heats up, it will release a releasing aroma that makes the entire room smell nice and fresh. 

Preparing Soup 

Sipping a hot bowl of tomato or chicken noodle soup can make you warm during winter. You can use your fondue pot in heating your soup. Pour the liquid and other ingredients into the pot, and wait for 30 minutes to an hour, and enjoy the bowl of soup.  

Preparing Hot Pot or Shabu-Shabu 

You can use the fondue pot in preparing some of the Asian style cooking like the Mongolian Hot Pot and Shabu-Shabu. Pour water or broth into the pot and allow it to boil. Add veggies and meat like beef, mushrooms, pea shoots, and tofu. Let your family or friends join you around the pot as you wait for the ingredients to cook.  

Fondue Pot: Electric vs Sterno 

You can choose between Sterno (fuel-based) or an electric-based fondue pot.  Here we look at the differences between the two types.

Sterno or Fuel Based 

This type of fondue pot uses Sterno cans, denatured alcohol, or other liquid fuel to heat the pots. Once the fuel is lit, you can adjust it to control the heat. It distributes the heat evenly. As compared to an electric fondue pot, the Sterno is handy, and you can carry it to different locations.  

Electric Based Fondue Pots 

The electric fondue pots have a nonstick surface that makes cleaning easy. This type of fondue pot has a knob used in adjusting the temperature. It is also recommended if you are using hot oil and making meat fondue.  

The only drawback in electric fondue pots is the cords. Some have short cables but this can be solved by using an extension cord. Some electric fondue pots such as the Oster Titanium Infused Fondue Maker also have magnetic cables that break away when pulled accidentally so be on the look-out for this as well. 

Any Other Options?

Another fondue pot fuel option actually uses tealight candles. These pots are usually for smaller batches. The pot is microwave safe or used on a gas stove to allow melting of the contents. The tealights serve to keep the contents warm.

Which Fondue Pot Material Is The Best? 

One of the factors you need to consider when choosing the best fondue pot is its material. Your decision will depend on your purpose in using the cooking tool.  

Enamel Cast-iron 

If you are looking for a fondue pot that heats fast, choose the one made from enamel cast-iron. This material can hold the temperature longer and can prepare any type of fondue. It is available in lovely designs and colors. 

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Metal or Stainless Steel

Some fondue recipes need to be at a high temperature. If this is the case, choose the one made of metal such as the Cuisinart Electric Fondue Maker. Metals can conduct heat fast, but it cannot distribute heat evenly. And because of this, it can affect some delicate items such as cheese and chocolate recipes.  


Many prefer to use fondue pots made from ceramic. It can heat up gradually and maintain the temperature longer. Cheese and chocolate fondues are typically prepared using a ceramic pot.  

How To Use A Fondue Pot

The pot is heated with the use of a candle, sterno, gel fuel or electrically. Bread, fruit and other foods are eaten by dipping into the melted cheese, chocolate or other sauce. This way of cooking can add excitement when served to a small group. This also makes for an awesome, intimate date night.

Photo Credit: Klara Avsenik/Unsplash

How to Fondue Meat: Using A Fondue Pot in Preparing Bourguignon

The process of using the fondue pot may differ depending on the dish you are preparing. A simple cheese or chocolate fondue dish is easy for even a beginner. 

But if you really want to be impressive you should consider filling your fondue pot with hot oil and placing pieces of your choice of seasoned meat (beef, chicken or seafood) to cook them. This dish is known as fondue bourguignon.  Below are the steps on how to use a fondue pot to prepare fondue bourguignon

Step #1 Prepare the ingredients 

Wash and cut the meat into bite-sized pieces. Toss with olive oil and season with salt and pepper or your favorite seasoning salt blend.  

Step #2 Add Oil  

Open the fondue pot and pour some oil. It is best if you use canola or vegetable oil. Heat the oil until it reaches its boiling point. Drop a small cut of bread into the oil. This will determine if the temperature is just right. If it becomes brown within a few seconds, it means you can transfer the pot to its holder at the dining table.  

Step #3 Adding and Cooking the Meat 

Use wooden skewers or long forks to spear the meat and place in the fondue pot. If you want your beef rare, you can cook it within 15-20 seconds. For medium-rare, it will be 25 to 30 seconds. If you prefer well-done, it is 40-45 seconds. Chicken should take about 30 – 40 seconds or until crispy. Provide dipping sauces such as a mustard blend or horseradish dip on the side 


  • Do not leave the pot unattended.  
  • Ensure the veggies and meat are dry before adding the ingredients into a hot fondue pot to avoid splattering.  
  • If a fire erupts, cover the container right away to cut off the oxygen supply and stop the fire.  

Our Final Thoughts On How To Use A Fondue Pot

Once you know how to use a fondue pot the possibilities can be endless. Refer to this article to select the type of pot that suits you and be ready to have a unique food experience with your friends or family!