Details of the 2011 Martha Stewart Dutch Oven Recall

Any cook’s worst nightmare is a kitchen fire or a knife accident. We try to buy quality products to prevent such things but what happens when you believe you’ve purchased a trusted brand and it backfires on you? That’s exactly what happened to many consumers who either purchased or were gifted certain Martha Stewart Dutch Ovens about a decade ago.

Martha Stewart Dutch Oven Recall Details

How about flying sharp pieces of enamel for starters. One unfortunate guy described his unfortunate incident as sounding like a bomb explosion.

Amid reports of the enamel cracking and flying off the products, Macy’s recalled almost 1 million Martha Stewart products with cream-colored interior finishes. Rightfully so as this serious issue posed a risk of cuts or burns to anyone in the kitchen area at the time of explosion.

Which Martha Stewart Products Were Included In The Recall?

The recall occurred on August 18, 2011 and included Martha Stewart Collection™ Enamel Cast Iron Casseroles. The sizes included were 7 quart, 5.5 quart and 2.75 quarts, with exterior enamel finishes in red, cobalt blue, sand, green, blue, white, mustard, brown and teal.

These particular casseroles and dutch ovens were sold at Macy’s stores and on the Macy’s website. They were also sold at  AAFES, MCX and NEX stores which serve military members, veterans, and their families. The products were sold at these locations between June 2007 – June 2011.

What Can You Do If You Have One Of These Included Products?

If you have one of these products, whether purchased outright or as a gift, you should immediately stop using it. You can still return the product to any Macy’s store for a complete refund. If you have any questions you can also contact Macy’s toll-free at (888) 257-5949 between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. Eastern Time.

Our Final Thoughts On The Martha Stewart Dutch Oven Recall

It’s awful to have any type of kitchen disaster, but even worse when it’s caused by a faulty product. You can actually read more about this particular recall in the CPSC’s official press release. Luckily, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)  keeps tabs on recalled products and even allows consumers to report unsafe items. 

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