Best Mini Fridge For Medication

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Are you or a close family member a diabetic prescribed to take insulin? If so, then you have likely been educated on the proper storage of your injectable insulin. Even more so, you may have been advised to purchase a separate refrigerator for your medicine, but what is the best mini fridge to store insulin?

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Comparison Table of The Best Mini Fridge For Medication

ClassBrandWhat We Liked
Editor's Choice
BLACK+DECKER Compact Refrigerator

* Ultra quiet

* Even temperature
Most Budget Friendly
Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Refrigerator

*Small footprint
Best Glass Door Option
NewAir NBC060SS00 Cooler and Refrigerator

*Custom thermostat settings

*Attractive look

Best Portable Mini Fridge
Cooluli Compact Mini Fridge Cooler

*Multiple shelves

Most Sturdy Portable Fridge
ICECO JP40 Portable Refrigerator

*Easy temperature setting

*5 year compressor warranty

Be sure to read through the entire article for detailed information on the above recommendations as well as additional information on compact fridges for insulin storage.

Willz WLR17BK Compact Refrigerator, 1.7 Cu.Ft Single Door Fridge, Adjustable Mechanical Thermostat with Chiller, 1 Coated Wire Slide-Out Shelf, 1 Power Cord, Black

Temperature To Store Insulin

Most diabetics have more than one bottle of insulin at a time. Both to save money and to avoid running out of your supply. 

The vial of insulin you have in use can safely be kept at room temperature for up to 28 days. 

However, the temperature to store your remaining unopened supply of insulin in a fridge is approximately 36℉ to 46℉. 

An unfortunate fact is not even the most expensive refrigerators will maintain a consistent temperature especially if the door is frequently opened. For this reason, we highly advise the purchase of a thermometer to place in the mini fridge. 

Review of the Best Mini Fridges to Store Medication

To ensure that you select the best compact refrigerator to store medication, we have compiled detailed research of some of the best choices.

Best Overall Insulin Mini Fridge For Medication and Insulin Storage – BLACK+DECKER Compact Refrigerator


  • Adjustable storage shelves
  • Compact design
  • Door storage areas

This compact refrigerator by Black & Decker checks all of the boxes you need in a mini fridge for medicine storage. It’s compact size of 1.7 cubic feet ensures that it will not take over any space that you place it in.

The easy to reach thermostat makes it easy to set the unit to your ideal temperature. It even has a small freezer compartment that can fit frozen dinners and the included ice tray.

You can enjoy peace of mind once you purchase this fridge for your insulin as it has a 1 year warranty for parts and labor and a 2 year warranty for the compressor. 


  • Ultra quiet
  • Available in black, white and stainless steel
  • Even temperature
  • Lightweight


  • Brackets for door storage are not sturdy
  • Small freezer compartment

Most Budget Friendly Insulin Mini Fridge – Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Refrigerator


  • Reversible door
  • 2 adjustable leveling legs
  • Half-width freezer compartment

The Midea Compact Mini Fridge is a budget friendly option to store your insulin. It has an adjustable thermostat that you need and even has enough storage room to fit a 2-liter bottle. By adding a few accessories, you can maximize your mini fridge storage even more.

The door on the fridge is reversible so it can be configured to work in any space. This is a great option for your bedroom as you can also use it to store your midnight snacks. 

Even more, the half-width freezer compartment has a door to keep your frozen foods at the temperature you want. The door on the freezer also works to lessen the cold freezer temp from affecting the fridge temp for your insulin storage.


  • Affordable
  • Small footprint
  • 1-year warranty


  • May become noisy
  • Actual dimensions are ½” larger than listed

Best Glass Door Small Medical Fridge – NewAir NBC060SS00 Cooler and Refrigerator


  • Powerful cooling system
  • Double-paned glass doors
  • Adjustable shelf

Would you prefer a glass door compact fridge to store your medicine? If so, this option by NewAir should be your #1 choice.

The mini fridge is listed with the ability to hold temperatures anywhere between 34℉ to 64℉. However, we were not able to get a temperature below 40 degrees. This is still a good option as the temp is well within the recommended insulin storage temps of 36℉ to 46℉.

Are you looking for a quiet option? The noise level of a library is typically 40 decibels. The NewAir fridge’s noise level is even lower at 39dB. Pretty good right? We thought so too.

We love the look of this compact fridge, especially because you can see the contents without having to open the door. This is also great to maintain the set temp as constant opening of the door causes temperature fluctuations.


  • Quiet
  • 5 custom thermostat settings
  • Attractive look


  • Difficult to swap the door to other side
  • Thermostat adjustment knob is difficult to reach

Portable Cooler Options For Insulin Storage

Our reviews continue with top options if you need your mini fridge to have a degree of portability.

Best Portable Mini Fridge For Medication – Cooluli Infinity Mini Fridge and Cooler


  • Dual-voltage (AC 100-240V / 12V)
  • Dual-purpose to cool and warm
  • Energy-efficient

If you prefer an even smaller option to store your insulin or medicine, we have found the ideal option. This futuristic looking little unit is super quiet with a sleek, glass-front design.

This 15L capacity unit can also be used as a warmer. You’ll probably never have the need to use the warming option if you are purchasing it to hold your insulin or medicine, nevertheless it is there if you need it. 

The small size makes this unit the ideal micro fridge for your road trips and hotel rooms. How is this fridge portable? Well, it comes with two different adapters. One AC power cord for indoor household use and one DC (12V)  power adapter that plugs into your car.


  • Multiple shelves and container baskets
  • Portability
  • Ultra-quiet


  • No freezer
  • Small capacity

Most Sturdy Portable Mini Medical Fridge  – ICECO JP40 Portable Refrigerator


  • Two power modes
  • Insulated protective cover
  • 2 handle design

This portable mini fridge has absolutely all the bells and whistles. If you are looking for a premium option for a fridge on the go then this is the one.

The storage capacity is 40L and this unit has an impressive 5 year warranty on the compressor and a 1 year warranty on all other parts. Talk about a worry-free purchase!

Included are 2 power cables. One for indoor home use and one AC cord for vehicle use. This is the same company that has integrated vehicle fridges into brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Cadillac. Let’s see how many more boxes we can check!

This compact portable fridge is the ultimate solution for an on the go option. The design is  reach-in like an ice chest. So, you won’t have to worry about it remaining upright or falling over during driving.


  • Comes with a free 12 feet long extended power cable
  • Bright LED light inside unit
  • 5 year warranty on compressor
  • Easy temperature setting


  • Expensive


Is there a refrigerator option suggested for the best mini fridge to store insulin and medication if I am located in the UK?

After our research, we found that the best mini fridge in the UK  to store insulin is the Eco50 Mini Fridge by Subcold.. It has a 50L capacity and is also energy efficient with quality construction.

Why does insulin have to be kept in the fridge?

Extreme temperatures cause insulin to become less effective resulting in loss of blood glucose control. This applies to heat and freezing temperatures.

Where do you store insulin in the fridge?

You want to store in a portion of the fridge that keeps the most consistent temperature. If you are using a mini fridge with a freezer located within the refrigerated area, store the insulin as far away from the freezer as possible.

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Remember that it is advised to keep a separate thermometer in your fridge for the most accurate temperature. We have provided the best compact fridge options for both in home use and portable use. We are happy to have helped you learn more about finding the best mini fridge to store insulin.


Did You Miss Our Top Pick?

Our #1 choice is the 1.7 cubic ft refrigerator by Black & Decker. It checks all of the boxes you need in a mini fridge for medicine storage. Its compact size ensures that it will not take over any space and it’s whisper-quiet.

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