A roaster oven can be a great small appliance to supplement your stove. It will use less energy than your regular oven. Also, they can free up much-needed oven space during holidays or large gathering cooking.

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Many people use electric roaster ovens whenever they cook holiday turkeys, but they can be used for much more. With so many options on the market, it’s easy to wonder what is the best roaster oven to buy.

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Don’t worry. We won’t let you have to search the internet to only come up with duds. We’ve painstakingly reviewed several options and have narrowed them down to the top contenders to help you select the best electric roaster oven for your home.

Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid, 18 Quart, Black (CKSTRS18-BSB-W)

Comparison Table of The Best Roaster Oven To Buy

Best Overall
Hamilton Beach 22-Quart Roaster Oven
- Capacity: 22 Quarts

- Max bird weight: 28 lbs

- Temperature range: 150 - 450 degrees F
Most Budget Friendly
Nesco 18 Quart Roaster Oven
- Capacity: 18 Quarts

- Max bird weight: 22 lbs

- Temperature range: 200 - 450 degrees F
Reliable Option
Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid
- Capacity: 18 Quarts

- Max bird weight: 22 lbs

- Temperature range: 150- 450 degrees F
Best Bang for the Buck
Sunvivi Electric Roaster Oven
- Capacity Options: 20 - 26 Quarts

- Temperature range: 150- 450 degrees F

- 1450 Watts

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Review of the Best Electric Roaster Ovens For Your Home

To ensure that you select the best roaster oven, we have compiled detailed research on some of the best choices.

Best Overall Roaster Oven – Hamilton Beach 28 lb 22-Quart Roaster Oven


  • Capacity: 22 Quarts
  • Max bird weight: 28 lbs
  • Temperature range: 150 – 450℉
  • Enamel-on-steel interior pan
  • Removable rack

This roasting pan by Hamilton Beach checks all of the boxes you need in a roaster oven for turkey or other large volumes of food. Its capacity of 22 quarts is enough to accommodate a 28 lb turkey. 

The domed lid gives the oven additional height and keeps heat inside. Plus the interior enamel-on-steel removable pan makes cleanup simple and stress-free. 

Have you ever had to struggle to remove a large turkey or ham from a pan? Well, the Hamilton Beach Roaster Oven makes it easy to remove large items by including a removable rack with handles.

If you want to use a roaster to bake cakes, pies or other items this roaster is perfect. It can accommodate two 9” x 5” loaf pans, or one 9” by 13” baking pan or even one Bundt pan.

Most Budget FriendlyNesco MWR18-13, Roaster Oven


  • Capacity: 18 Quarts
  • Max bird weight: 22 lbs
  • Temperature range: 200 – 450℉
  • Removable rack

Here is another reliable roaster oven for ham, turkey, and other large meals. It’s a great budget-friendly option that’s also very durable thanks to the porcelain enamel finish.

At the base of the roaster oven is “Circle of Heat” heating technology. Combined with the domed lid, this heating innovation provides better air circulation which in turn ensures moist, even cooking.

It’s usually a pain to struggle to remove a large turkey or brisket from a pan without an interior rack. The best roaster oven to buy should have accessories to ease your cooking experience. Luckily, the Nesco Roaster Oven includes a sturdy rack with handles which makes it easy to remove large items.

Most Reliable Roaster Oven – Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid


  • Capacity: 18 Quarts
  • Max bird weight: 22 lbs
  • Temperature range: 150- 450℉
  • Self-basting lid

We have no problem labeling this Oster option as one of the most reliable roaster ovens because we’ve owned one for almost a decade with no issues.

If having a roaster oven with a self-basting lid is important to you then this is the one. Thanks to the uniquely designed lid, moisture constantly recirculates during the cooking process so you can say goodbye to dry, chewy turkey or chicken. 

A roaster of this size can easily fit a bird/turkey up to 22 lbs. It’s also a great size for making large casseroles or even stew.

We love the user-friendly variable temperature control dial that lets you easily set the cooking temperature. And with a range from 150 to 450 degrees, you can keep foods warm as well as roast at higher temperatures as needed. 

Most Bang for the Buck – Sunvivi Electric Roaster Oven


  • Capacity Options: 20 – 26 Qts Quarts
  • Temperature range: 150- 450℉
  • 1450 Watts
  • Defrost setting

The Sunvivi Roaster Oven is available in either silver or white and has options at 20Qt,  22QT, 24 QT as well as 26QT. So you have a variety of options to choose from that meet your specifications.

This innovative roaster oven was designed with versatility in mind. It’s another great electric roaster oven with a rack for easy lifting but has other great features to create an ideal cooking experience.

Let me tell you what’s a game changer – the defrost function. If you’ve ever had your refrigerator tied up for days because a huge turkey was in there defrosting, you’ll definitely appreciate the ability to use your electric roaster oven to thaw meats safely.

The domed lid has a visibility window on top. So, you can check on the food cooking inside without having to risk scalding yourself by the released steam. It also helps you maintain a consistent cooking temperature which would otherwise be lowered by continuously opening the lid.

What Else Can You Do With a Roaster Oven?

When you have an additional small appliance, it’s always great when it can serve more than one function. Most people view electric roasters as something you only haul out for your Thanksgiving turkey, however, they can do so much more. Check out all the uses below:

1. Roasting

Okay, this one goes without saying. This is of course an appliance that can perfectly roast items like turkey, chicken and ham. Brisket and roast beef are another couple of items that roast well in an electric roaster.

2. Baking

I have an aunt who bakes quite often who was shocked when I told her she could bake in a roaster oven. It actually makes sense because as we’ve stated, anything that can be done in a regular oven, can be cooked in an electric roaster.

All you have to do is add a baking pan(s) that will fit into the oven. Most 22 QT roaster ovens will fit a 9” by 13” baking pan or even two loaf pans side by side. You can then use the roaster oven to bake bread, cakes, pies – even lasagna, baked potatoes or casseroles. 

3. Simmering

Many dishes that require simmering are cooked up in large batches. Since electric roasters can be adjusted to hold a simmering temperature of 180 to 200 degrees F, they are also ideal for foods that require slow and low cooking. 

Dishes great for simmering in an electric roaster oven

  • Stews
  • Soups
  • Chili
  • Braised meats
  • Greens (turnip, kale, collards, etc.)
  • Beans (red beans, black eyed peas, etc.)

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Buyer’s Guide For Electric Roaster Ovens

18 Quart Roaster Oven, turkey roaster oven electric Fits Turkeys Up to 18BL, Stainless Steel

There are a few important features you need to consider when deciding on the best roaster oven to buy. Be sure to review the below components to assist in your selection:


In selecting the size of your roaster oven you want to consider one main thing.You should select a roaster that will be big enough to accommodate your choice of food. 

The most common roaster oven sizes are 18QT, 22QT and 24QT, however, there are smaller options such as the 6 QT Nesco model that has plenty of rave reviews. A 6QT electric roaster cannot accommodate even the smallest turkey but many home cooks love this size for the portability and because they just don’t cook large birds that will require a larger-sized roaster oven.

If you plan to cook large birds or cut of meat of 22 lbs or more, you’ll need an electric roaster that’s at least 18 QT such as the Oster model we profiled earlier

Roaster Oven Capacity Cheat Sheet

Capacity of Roaster OvenMax Turkey (Bird) Weight
6 QT6 lbs
18 QT24 lbs
22 QT28 lbs
24 QT30 lbs

Temperature Range/ Options

The standard temperature range of electric roasters should be between 150 – 450 degrees F. 

This allows for maximum versatility in using the appliance for slow, low cooking up to a high 450℉ roasting temperature.

You may also want to consider a roaster oven that has valuable temperature functions clearly labeled on the temperature dial – such as “keep warm” and “defrost”. Both the Sunvivi Roaster and Oster Electric Roaster temperature dials are good examples of labeled dials.


The two most important components in terms of functionality would have to be the inclusion of a removable interior pan as well as a lift-out rack. We elaborate on each below.

Interior Electric Roaster Oven Pan

As you ponder the best roaster oven to buy you should pay attention to the interior pan. You want the pan to be removable for easier cleaning. It should also have a finish that deters food from sticking – such as porcelain or enamel-on-steel. Our top pick by Hamilton Beach checks both boxes.

Another option for easier cleaning is to use a foil electric roaster liner

Removable Rack

It’s difficult removing a large turkey from an electric roaster without a removable rack. Trust me, I’ve tried and it wasn’t a pretty sight. The best roaster oven should definitely include a durable, steel rack with handles to make it easier to lift or transfer food.

Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid, 18 Quart, Black (CKSTRS18-BSB-W)


The best roaster oven to buy for your home should accommodate the foods you plan to cook. Since most consumers purchase an electric roaster oven to cook turkeys you’ll need at least an 18QT sized option to fit up to a 24lb bird.

Specific components such as a versatile temperature range, self-basting lids and removable pans and racks work to make a better cooking experience.

We’ve provided the top options to assist you in finding the best electric roaster so you can buy the right one – the first time. 

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